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Whilst the government has removed coronavirus restrictions on the public, it is still important to me that we reduce the risk of coronavirus in order to carry on running my smoothly and safely to those who may still be anxious or vulnerable.

Coronavirus Safety

Order to keep my business running smoothly and healthily, please consider the following when attending your session:

  • All sessions will take place in my home studio where distancing may not always be possible.

  • If you would prefer me to wear a face covering, please let me know prior to your session.

  • We will not shake hands/hug etc. at the start or end of your session.

  • Hand sanitiser will be provided should you wish to use it.

  • I may choose to wear a face covering, or certainly will at your request. (I doubt you'll want to do the same!)

  • We will try to keep distance at all times where reasonably possible.

  • The space will be well ventilated with an open window.

  • Any equipment that you might need to borrow will be sanitised between clients.

  • Contact surfaces are regularly cleaned through the week.

  • Sessions may be cancelled or rescheduled at any time by me in consideration of Coronavirus or any other health concerns. 


Your Health


By attending your session, you are confirming that:

  • You have no cause to believe that you currently have Coronavirus or may have been exposed to Coronavirus. Whilst it may be allowed under the government guidelines, please do not attend your session if you knowingly have coronavirus or are currently testing positive for coronavirus using a LFT or PCR.

  • You have not had a symptoms of coronavirus or a fever of 38 degrees centigrade or above in the last 10 days.

  • If you have recently had coronavirus, but have now tested negative for two consecutive days, you are welcome to attend your session if you feel comfortable and confident that you are negative and are showing no symptoms. At the end of the day, you want to be looking and feeling healthy for your session! 

  • If you feel unsure, please feel free to contact me to discuss going ahead with your session.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, or cannot meet the requirements then please get in touch to discuss. Remember, rescheduling your session at any point is totally permissible in consideration of your health. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this.

Michael x

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