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I am a freelance photographer based in Chiswick, London, with a focus towards actor's headshots, portraiture and promotional photographs.


Having trained and worked as an actor myself, I understand how to get the best out of those in training, recent graduates, or professionals already in the business looking to freshen up their profiles.


As someone who isn't a fan of having their photograph taken, I completely understand the pain that some actors feel when staring into the lens. But please don't worry, there's no pressure to get it right from the start.


I like to keep the sessions relaxed and playful in order to capture something creative and intriguing. We'll have a laugh, get to know each other a bit and I have a few tips and tricks that'll ease you into your shoot, capturing the best of your personality.

Music too, I play music. DJ Carlo they call me. (They don't)



Photo by Alishia Love for togldn

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