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Don't take the risk and have your hair cut or coloured the day before the shoot, it could go wrong and we'd be wasting our time! Give it time to settle in and learn how to style it to look its best.

Think about the haircut you might be keeping for a long time. Casting directors will expect you to turn up to the audition looking pretty similar to what they have seen in your headshots.

Those with luscious length, bring a hairbrush with you to help tame the beast and be prepared to change your parting for a couple of different looks, if you like. Bring grips, clips, and bobbles for a hair up option if you so choose - it's always handy to have.

Think about if your hair is going to move about and if you might need to use product or hairspray to keep a style roughly in place. I usually have a bottle of hairspray, some basic styling tools and a mirror to check yourself out to hand, so don't worry when playing with your hair during the session - I encourage it! 


In the studio, you're welcome to bring any curlywhirly or straightening tools along with you. Electricity is free. (For you!)

Be aware of how your hair feels and styles between washes. If you wash it the morning of the shoot, it might be too soft and difficult to style, wash too far ahead and it could look greasy. Only you will know whats best for your mop.




I think it's always best to keep makeup minimal, natural and subtle. You're probably the expert of your own face, but maybe wear makeup that you would usually wear to a regular audition of yours.

Please seek advice from trusted friends or perhaps a professional to help you find makeup that works for your skin tone! Painting your face with foundation that does not match your body will be noticeable and appear very unnatural. Question weather or not you really need a base of foundation in the first place.

Similarly, there is no need for you to wear concealer on blemishes, under-eyes, around mouth, etc. Problematic skin is a given and everyone needs a bit of help. Photoshop is going to be your best friend (shh don't tell anyone) and it's much easier for me to correct blemishes than fix badly-done makeup. 


A bit of gloss or balm to keep your lips from drying out is helpful and maybe a striking colour to pop on at the end if you want to capture something a little more sassy.


Please attend to your hair and makeup before the session, otherwise you're only going to be eating away at our precious time together!

Boys, your finest mascara and lashes, please.




You can never go wrong with bringing too many options, although do choose carefully. Generally, you want to wear items that you would favour going to a casting in.

Ladies in particular, don't just bring ill-fitting t-shirts and baggy jumpers in various colours; consider the neckline and fit for something more interesting or to show off feminine lines.

Shirts, t-shirts and jackets, denim, black t's with interesting necklines are always safe. Warmer, earthier colours, darker greys, greens, burgundy, and navy colours tend to work best.

Wear something with detail, but no distracting logos, patterns or images.


I tend to avoid shooting plain brilliant white t-shirts, but there may be a place for it if you wish. Once we've exposed the photo correctly, it tends to blow out into nothing but white and can be a bit of a distraction from your face. That being said, breaking it down with a classic jacket or a shirt layer does work well. 

Don't shove everything in a bag and hope they aren't going to crease- they will. Iron. Fold neatly.


When selecting, please keep in mind we may only change 3 or 4 times into the best options.


Wear it! Why not? Select your more subtle options, or bring your boldest, bling-iest hoops for a bit of characterful impact. I'm of the opinion that your piercings should be worn with pride. Moving into a modern world of headshots, you may as well express yourself. There might be times where it is more appropriate to remove some, or edit them out. Advice generally, though, is to be on the subtle side. Steer away from anything with too much of a dangle.




Eat well, drink plenty of water. Don't diet in the run up to your session. You want to look healthy and energised, starving yourself will only make you look tired. Have a good breakfast/ lunch depending on the time of your shoot.



Sleep well. Get a good nights sleep before the shoot or, if you can, sleep well for at least a week. I can reduce eye-bags in editing but you want to look fresh, bright and full of energy to capture the best of your personality. The best shoots are always with those who are playful and ready to work - but this is fun work, obviously.


Of course you are, almost everyone who turns up to their photoshoots is. You're not on your own. I try to keep things as relaxed as possible. We'll have a good chat and a bit of a laugh, normally at my expense, and I'll give you plenty of direction to help find your best faces.


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